The Hegsa Smart House Company, a designer and implementer of Intelligent Building Systems, started its activities in the field of intelligent residential, commercial, office, hotel and educational and cultural centers. The pivotal goals of this group are to increase the safety, security and well-being of residents of the building as well as a modern structure to optimize energy consumption and prevent its loss. Over the past few years, M&H specialists have been continuously trying to acquire the know-how of the world in this field, localizing it and eventually providing a system that, in addition to quality, has the flexibility required to fit the needs of the buildings inside the country, and a product With the ability to control touch screens, smartphones and tablets in the Persian language market. Due to the complete design of the software system in the country, a suitable platform for providing various capabilities tailored to the employer’s request and building architecture is provided, and thus limiting the creation of New features and the use of different equipment Does not exist.

Smart building brings more comfort to your residents by using automation and taking on some repetitive tasks. On the other hand, only one point is enough to create the desired space in the smart building: Scenarios are responsible for accurately setting the environment. Using a simple, multilingual software (including Farsi) to control all other equipment is another advantage. That makes life easier in intelligent building. Work with this software does not require any special training.

In critical situations such as fire, flooding and theft, the smart building announces warnings that can play a significant role in preventing or further damage. A specific feature of the zoning of covered areas is the use of sensors Accurately detecting the presence of a person, a gas leak detector, as well as a fire alarms and warning system, significantly increases the safety and security of the home.

Flexibility in the implementation and use of the characteristics of the smart technology indicator. Using the tool provided by this technology, there is no need to rebuild and replace existing equipment in the building to add these facilities to most homes. Using smart keys and screens for planning and executing commands. , The possibility of control using the remote control from the inside or with Android smartphones or IOS mobile phones, all help residents to access the building facilities.

Energy management in smart buildings has a significant impact on energy efficiency. Depending on the lighting and the ventilation system, the presence of the person and the optimal planning of the temperature of the rooms during different hours of the day are examples of this energy management.

Also, the direct sunlight exposure to the building in the summer by automatic control of the curtain and curtain, saving energy consumption for electrical appliances.

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