Berker intelligent products

Berker is one of the most important companies in the field of smart home systems in Europe. The company manufactures building intelligent equipment in Germany with the highest quality of the world.

The capabilities of the company’s equipment include smart keys as a practical tool for creating a pleasant atmosphere in the environment, a wide range of designs and colors in smart keys. Compatibility of all types of controllers, security, reporting and control from around the world, increase Lifetime of equipment and energy efficiency. The company provides a wide range of world-class products that have been using their own brands of brands such as Swarovski to enhance the beauty of their products.

Features available in Berker Germany’s intelligent control products with the KNX protocol:

  • Smart lighting control and various scenarios
  • Control of intelligent ventilation systems
  • Control curtains with smart keys
  • Ability to control the audio system
  • U-Toch panel control systems
  • Security systems
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