Cooling and heating control

Cooling and heating control

Cooling and heating control

Why control the temperature?

Lack of proper temperature control is one of the most important energy losses in the building. The declining trend of fossil fuels and subsequent rising energy costs have made the cost to reduce consumption and its optimization today cost-effective and attractive to the public. To the extent that they are careful about the type of cooling system and heating system when buying a residential unit. You should have seen that the building builder is building a cooler for the convenience of shoppers and having air-conditioning inside the house, but they also install water cooler out of fear that the buyer will be discouraged from buying a home due to the high cost of electricity in the system. Unless the buyer objects to this issue, the possibility of using a water cooler is provided and you are using either of these two, so you see that today, regardless of how much the cooling and heating system used in the building It is desirable and quality, it is necessary to pay attention to its energy consumption. With regard to this issue, Hegsa smart home company has made great efforts to optimize the energy consumption of cooling and heating systems, and has offered various energy saving solutions according to customer requirements and equipment types. Often this saving is very simple and has a great impact on reducing energy costs. For example, during a visit to the workers’ camp in Assalouyeh we realized that the residents of those units who left the building in the morning and went to the construction site of the refinery left their gas coolers luminous in the evening when they returned to the camp, Limit your room to no avail. At the same time, having the least intelligent system in the camp could provide the ideal conditions for saving energy. It was enough to simply set the auto-start time on the smart system when exiting the unit and turning off the coolers. The workers returned at 7 o’clock in the evening, and the coolers were turned on by half an hour before they arrived. Saving energy at around 12 hours, 50% a day, is a significant number! In addition, when they first needed to return to the camp, it was enough to light up the coolers simply by making a phone call with their intelligent system, so they would have airy weather when they arrived home. You will find that the installation of smart equipment makes it easy and economical to save energy. With a thumbnail account, it’s easy to see that the initial cost of purchasing smart equipment is redefined over a short period of time from the energy saving location, which means the return of costs will quickly occur.

Smart Fan Coil:

The control mechanism of the fan coils in the Hegsa smart home system consists of several parts, which we will explain in more detail:

A) Monitoring

On the Smart Handset Smart Touch Screen, the temperature is displayed in each part of the home. In other words, the monitor of this system knows exactly where the temperature of each space is a few degrees Celsius, as well as whether the fan coil is on or off, and which way it is working.

B) control

You can turn on or off any fan coils independently of the touch screen. The desired temperature setting for any space is also done in the same way. So you can set a different temperature for each room or lounge. The fan coils are automatically switched on by the intelligent Hegsa system and remain on until the ambient temperature reaches the desired level and automatically reaches the temperature automatically and this process continues It continues to maintain the fixed temperature you have set in the environment. Changing fan coils is also done automatically. For example, if you set a temperature of 25 degrees to your bedroom in the summer while the outside temperature is 35 degrees centigrade, the fan coil will first work at a faster pace until the room temperature reaches 30 degrees, then shifts and Continues with a moderate distance. After the room temperature reaches 27 degrees, the fan coil intensity is also changing and goes slowly to reach 25 degrees. In this case, it turns off and as long as the room temperature is off, it will remain off, but as soon as the temperature rises, it will start working slowly, and the higher the room temperature difference with your desired temperature, the faster it will work. To create favorable conditions. In short, the closer the room temperature is to your desired temperature, the fan coil will work less heavily, and it will prevent automatic energy dissipation.

(C) Status of absence

Remote home control system on a digital tablet or phone.

In addition to setting the desired temperature for normal, it is also necessary to set the desired temperature for the time of absence from the home. For example, if you choose a room temperature of 25 ° C during the summer season and the ambient temperature is outside 35 °, you can choose a temperature of 28 ° for no time at home, so when you are at home The room temperature cools to about 25 degrees. As soon as you leave the home after leaving the exit key (on the touch monitor), the fan coil will shut off and will only turn on again when the home temperature reaches 28 degrees. So you see that it still saves energy, but when you return to your home, The drag on the cards with POS, the system returns to the setting of time and temperature on the 25 degrees when the room. Explaining this, it is necessary that you do not need to turn on the fan coil in the absence of your home, so you need to set the fan coil to set the spaces that can be off when off. As a result, when you exit the home, the HEXA system automatically shuts down the fan coil you have set, and controls other spaces on the non-presence settings to minimize energy consumption.

Water and gas coolers

In the middle of the summer, brushing your teeth and going to bed after turning on the cooler. You read a few pages of your favorite book. Gently lift your eyelids. Putting the book off, pouring the pillow under your head and lifting the white blanket on the bed up the neck to keep it cold. . . ! After a while, it’s forbidden for you to sleep, and finally you get up from the spot with a cold feeling to turn off the cooler. If your home was smart, the cooler automatically switched off the preset clock according to the previous setting, and your sweet dreams would not be unfinished by midnight. You may wake up late by night, but this time because of the heat. In this case, just put your mobile phone on the table and lay the cooler button. You do not have to leave your warm and soft bed, but you decide to keep the cooler in the automatic mode tomorrow to keep your home temperature constant. When the air is warm, the cooler automatically switches on and if it cools down, it will automatically shut off. That is, the temperature of the room should be maintained at all times in a favorable state.

 Or you may come back home on a hot summer day after spending a few hours busy while no one is at home. Cooler and very hot air. do not worry! Just turn on the cooler half an hour before arriving at your mobile home. When you reach home, you go to the fridge and put a glass of cool juice on your sofa and sit on the sofa. When you see your eyes on the touch screen of the Hegsa smart home, you say, “Tell it”. The touch monitor foot should be able to enter the cooler settings and change it so that when you exit the home, when the alarm is turned on, the cooler Automatically turns off or works in low-power mode and prevents excessive energy consumption, despite preventing overheating. Of course, if you go back home and when you go home, put your card on the card reader next to the entrance door, immediately turn off the cooler when the alarm is turned off to a high-capacity automatic mode, and again everything is as you like. Enjoy your life at the Hegsa Smart home.

Floor heating

Many do not feel good about putting on the cold stone. In this case, the floor heating system will be a good option for them. Coolant colocators, temperature sensors and automatic control of all equipment by the Hegsa intelligent system. Like other heating systems, you can also let us heat your home floor. Observe the temperature of all spaces on the monitor and set the desired temperature for each space independently. By specifying the absent temperature for times that are not at home, you can optimize energy consumption at home and prevent loss of it. Control through a remote, phone, tablet, smartphone or a temperature-controlled temperature control system is all about the features provided by Hegsa’s smart home system.

Smart Package:

You may have used a package to provide the radiator heat of your home or any other heating system, then you can still use energy from a non-functioning thermostat connected to the Hessian intelligent system when it is at home Do not save. Remote control is possible by a tablet, smartphone or even through a landline phone. The package, like all other equipment, can be tuned by the Hegsa intelligent system with timing control. You can also change the settings in the summer when the package is only used to provide hot water, so that the package is turned off automatically as soon as you leave the home and when the alarm is turned on.

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