• Given the fact that intelligent systems are diverse, it is best to decide when to choose a proper system before building wiring.

    • Smart home is usually a home or a building where special equipment with a special structure is used to control and monitor that house. Smart home technology provides a wide variety of facilities that each person can enjoy from all or only part of his interest in his or her own taste. With the help of this technology, all the equipment inside the building is controlled according to the characteristics of the premises and the needs of the users, which includes a touch monitor, a remote control of the intelligent unit unit, smartphones and a telephone line as an audio message without Constraints will be controlled and managed.

    • The benefits of a smart home relative to a typical home can be seen in terms of comfort and security, energy efficiency, and ease of control.

    • BMS stands for Building Management System, or the intelligent building management. The word BMS alongside smart home or building automation has all the same meanings and refers to the practice of intelligent equipment in buildings. But usually, BMS refers to the control of large building equipment and the monitoring of all equipment.


The main components of a BMS system include:                                                                                               


Brightness control

Controlling the heating, cooling and air conditioning systems

Safety and security systems

The traffic control system includes doors, car doors, armrests, rail and shutters

Window controls, electric curtains, corners and awnings

Audio system, video

Automatic Irrigation System

Control of pool, sauna and jacuzzi installations

Lifting call

Monitoring and system management

  • Due to the high flexibility of intelligent equipment, every part of the building you want can be intelligently built. An intelligent house arises from the implementation of ideas that come from you or from our experts.

    • Intelligent equipment is divided into two types of hardware and software: Intelligent hardware includes panel and environment equipment installed in the building, some of these equipment (such as the main processor of the intelligent system, security fuses, power supplies, relays and communication equipment necessary) in the smart power system and some Other (such as monitors, audio systems, sensors and switches) are mounted on the wall and ceiling. Intelligent software also includes apps that are installed on your phone, tablet, or touch monitor.




  • After construction, there are a lot of limitations for wiring changes and implementation. However, the site must be visited and the requirements of the employer can be verified according to the existing restrictions. But the best time to run an intelligent system is at the same time as electricity starts and building facilities.

  • Yes, all installed equipment is of the best quality among competing brands, and therefore all of these equipment have 18 months replacement warranty. Free education and ten years of post-sales services are the commitment of the Hegsa Smart Homes Company to the users of our intelligent system.

  • If the predictions required during installation are made, the intelligent system can be easily extended and this is one of the benefits of M&H intelligent systems.


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