Hegsa’s Smart Home Handset Workshop consists of the following 5 steps

1) Consultation and design of intelligent building
The most important reason for the problem of smart buildings is a mistake in the design stage. Usually a fraction of our customers are people who have already bought different people and today are dissatisfied with how the system works. The experience of these projects shows the major problem with the design stage. Non-expert people who do not have the power to build buildings can never even get the project’s lead and customer satisfaction even with the best equipment in the world. Another thing is that a good company in the field of smart home should first run the system and not only sell parts. Also, some problems arise in a smart home due to lack of technical knowledge of the building builder when providing accessories. In order to avoid such problems, the smart home moderator should be sufficiently experienced and reliable in his work so that the builder can take steps based on his expert advice. In the meanwhile, we are going to say that if the customer is also in trouble with issues that are indirectly related to the intelligent system, this is still the case for the intelligent company, which still does not provide the customer with the right advice for lack of experience due to lack of experience. You can ask different questions for choosing a smart home company. Since we believe we are the most intelligent customer in the world, we are confident that even if there is not enough technical mastery for the building’s electrical issues, we will also be aware of the skill of our audience. Never give in to public and old slogans. If a company claims to have an approval or certification from the country or the international reference or say that the system that it offers is the company’s well-known production, the customer is smart and never cares about them. None of these slogans are reliable. Hegsa’s smart home believes that the only competent authority that can approve or reject a product is just the customer. Focus on the resume of each company and research the past customers of the company and be sure that the company you choose is really reliable.

Undoubtedly, every product is born is an early idea, and it’s a critical design element in the production of a product. The more the design and the idea of ​​consistency and power, the better the customer will definitely get. Based on this, the Hegsa Smart House has given more emphasis to this stage and, in fact, devotes its time to designing and monitoring the implementation of the project, and this is definitely another success story of the company over the past years. But the role of advice in preparing an ideal plan is very high. We do not mean consulting a manufacturer from Hegsa’s smart home, but firstly, we are the ones who need to consult the manufacturer. Experts from the company first received all of their constructive ideas on the project and paid attention to their views on all details. No one is better than the builder of the building for the use of spaces and the reason for their division is not aristocratic. The reason for using any kind of material or equipment, as well as the exact type of electricians and cooling and heating systems installed at the end of the building, is all for the manufacturer, and if there is a case that is still for that decision The experts of the company should inform the professional point of view from the point of view of the intelligent system in such cases and assist them in making decisions. But the second type of advice is the advice that other project contractors give to Hegsa’s experts. For example, when a specific type of cooling system is to be used in the building, after receiving all the information and hearing his views about the capabilities of this system, it turns out that the employer has a relationship between us and the contractor of this cooling system To establish. Getting the exact technical information and discovering the subtleties of the functionality of the equipment in question are the most important elements of the design of an ideal control and intelligent design. In fact, the task of intelligence is to create optimized control and automation conditions for the operation of each component of a building. The angle of view of Hegsa is that the employer (building builder), representing the final consumer, poses their expectations about how each of the home equipment works, and, on the other hand, building contractors describe the capabilities and performance of their systems. Give The task of Hegsa Smart Homes is to design and set up an intelligent system that can inform consumers of consumer issues through software settings and monitor their accurate operation. For example, suppose there is a pool in your project and you need to use one or more powerful ventilators or exhaust fans to extricate excess moisture from space. The contractor of the facility, based on previous experience, suggests that, in order to increase the lifespan of the ventilator, it is better to keep them uninterrupted (this experience has already been gained in the project of Mr. Moghadam in Jahanshahr, Karaj). On this basis, the required equipment is embedded in smart signage and software is written. The project has now been completed and the consumer is referring to the touch screen of the intelligent system to turn it on. Deleting the corresponding button opens the fan settings page. There are two rectangular boxes for entering the number, along with the one written, the duration of staying, and the other one written, the duration of the shutdown. By touching each rectangle, a keyboard is provided to the user and he can enter the desired number. Simply finds at the time that it is set to the minimum and maximum for this time, and he must enter a number in this range, for example, a number between 10 and 20 minutes. The programmer actually got these numbers in consultation with the facility contractor, and now they provide this information to the user. Just as the user’s comments are transmitted to the ventilation unit by these settings. There is another option on this page, which is to determine the hangman’s clock. This option was designed as a consultant to the employer, because they believed that the pool heating system would automatically shut off to save some hours of the night when the pool was not used, and naturally, during these hours, there was no need for ventilation. Thus, with this option, for example, the consumer determines that the ventilators work from 8 am to 10 pm and remain off at the rest of the day, the result is that at 8:00 AM the vent switches on and after the set time (For example, 15 minutes) turn off and continue to be shut off for the duration of the specified time (say 10 minutes), and this will continue until 10:00 pm and then will be deactivated until 8:00 am, and this will be done automatically Every day they do. These are all the things our designers, after receiving enough information and consulting their first and second steps, create the way they use the client and all the modes as a real image in their minds, and by reviewing a few These conditions have reached a general idea and formulate them in the form of an initial plan. The project is delivered in the form of a booklet with details of the executive plans and technical annexes to the project supervisor engineer. After integrating their views and applying their views, now the plan and the final plan are ready to be presented to the employer. If confirmed, the plans will be delivered to the project contractor, and the training of the electrician will begin and monitor its implementation.

2) BMS Execution Plan
Have you ever seen Laser Cutting Machines? With this device, you can create beautiful, fast, beautifully crafted, beautifully crafted, beautifully crafted, beautifully crafted pieces of wood and create an eye-catching artwork within minutes. It’s never possible for this device to do anything based on your own personal taste or a no-exertion idea. And that is the key point that creates the difference. The device operates on a predetermined design and map. A plan that has already been enough for that time to eventually deliver a satisfying product to the customer. It is not even necessary to analyze the device or to determine the causes and reasons for the design and the roles, but it is enough to make sure that it is implemented and carefully monitored. This is the point that, with the help of a traditional power contractor that does not even have the experience of the smart system, you can build a smart home. It’s enough that your electricity contractor is accurate enough to ensure the designs.

Another similarity between this simple example and the way Hegsa’s smart home works. It’s impossible to operate a laser without a map and layout, as in the Hegsa projects, the contractor does not operate the building’s electricity without a comprehensive and precise map. Another similarity is the fact that whatever the final product of the laser machine is, it is the responsibility of the designer, as in the Hegsa Smart House project, the ultimate responsibility for the delivery of the work lies with the company. Experience shows that the contractor will be obliged to carry out detailed and firmly in accordance with the map of the company, which will first approve the design of the building by examining the drawings and obtaining the necessary explanations from the designer. In short, if the power of the project, the smart home company you choose, does not dominate the power of the building, it never works according to the map, and this is one of the most important causes of the problem of smart home problems that are run by non-specialized people. have became. We recommend that you check the technical strength of the company you are looking for by the supervisor engineer and the building’s contractor before the contract is concluded. This is a very useful way to find the best smart home company.

3) Electrician training and supervision of electric power
As a building painter can not deliver excellent customer-quality color without undergoing construction work, it’s impossible to deliver a modern, modern system without creating a suitable platform. In fact, the importance of proper wiring in a smart home is so much that, if it does not, no expert expert is able to repair the system and the only way to do that is to repair it. It’s interesting to know that most of the customers who have previously bought non-specialized people when they ask us to fix their system’s intelligent problems, they will face a negative answer because, despite their intrinsic desire, we know that without destruction, It is often impossible to modify the intelligent system, and repairing the building’s electric bed. How do some companies claim that they are able to make it smart without having to change the wiring and even at the end of the project, is it worth reflecting on! In the case of one of the projects that the manufacturer came up with to rectify his work, after asking the project, I asked him why you did not wire for the reader and the lock? We did not have this item. I asked why you did not wire for fire and gas leaks? Again, we did not have that. I said: a gas valve? Electric curtain burglar alarm? And … said: We do not have these. I asked: Why are not your coolers connected to the smart system? Why did not you connect the garden to automatic irrigation? He said: We do not have these! I asked: what have you done in the rooms? “Rooms are not on the smart system. We only have the smart room!” Honestly, I would like to fuel her. The customer thought with herself that it had an intelligent system, and only the rooms did not include it. Which intelligent system? Let me tell you what the capabilities were. In the hallway there was a key of six bridges and in the harbor there was a key of four bridges, with the six-pole key, a very small, very small display. With these keys, the lights turned off and on. (Instead of the traditional keys, there was a roof sensor that was installed in the hall, where it was possible to control the IR. The same lights were controlled by a tablet or mobile device. Of course only from the inside. and nothing else. How they can tell the system is smart! And worse, the frustrated client asked us to fix the problem so their tablet works with this system! With the removal of the tablet, it was virtually the incident that had happened that the gentleman had bought a six-key switch instead of the three key two conventional brushes! We believe that the most intelligent customer is the world and will understand the truth, even if it’s time consuming, but the reality will be revealed to him, and the fact was that the customer bought 10 key bridges for a few million dollars! And he was pleased to be telling the buyers that the building was smart. I asked the builder what you bought from him, who claims to have more capabilities, so why not here? “We also thought we had all these features first. Now that the project has come to an end, every feature we want to say says you have to buy it individually and do not include the contract. Of course, now that the project is over, there is no way to add these features. In fact, it was like we thought the smart system was cheaper !! let’s move on ! We told you to get a bit more familiar with the company’s vision of installing the smart system. We believe that in the wiring of the bed building of an intelligent system, it must be fully implemented. Even if the last day some of the features are not purchased by the employer! In this case, whenever the customer wants, he can add that feature to the system without any damage. For example, what happens if you drag the wire curtain and do not provide a curtain on the end of the project? No However, you can do this at any time from time to time. However, Hegsa’s method of installing the intelligent system is such that, after designing the map and verifying it by the employer, the maps are delivered to and delivered to the electrician. In fact, the project’s electrician during the operation of the building practically trains all the professional points of work, and after repeating several projects and completing information and operating experience, one of the sales agents of the company is to introduce a smart system to Other customers and subsequently benefit from it. The reason for this full-fledged electrician education may be to return to the M & H manufacturer, as this person will eventually become one of the vendors and installers of the company after introducing professional training and will introduce our products to our other customers. While, if we were an importer, we would have avoided training if we did not become an electrician after a while and become a reputable importer. This is the point where electricians interacting with Hegsa are actually much more professional and more in-depth training. During the implementation of the wiring, the supervisor monitors the work of the electrical contractor on a continuous basis and delivers the final work to the employer after examining the individual wires and cables and eliminating possible defects. With this method, at the end of the project, we have units that are completely standard in terms of how the building’s electrical installations are, and is ready to install smart devices and systems without any errors. A system that is capable of attracting 100% customer satisfaction due to its strong strength in implementing a smart platform.

4) Installation and installation of BMS
After the design of the map, the instruction of the electrician and the supervision of the wiring of the building, it is time to install the system. At the same time as the painting begins, the order form for the intelligent system must be checked again. The final status of the outputs and inputs of the system is controlled for the production of the panel, and after the final approval of the employer, the company must be made to the existing status of the hardware and software in the workshop. Then set up and tested, and finally, after approval (QC), the product is packaged and transported to the project site for installation. The most important difference is a good job, and poor work is the amount of elegance in doing things. Therefore, it is necessary to use expert and expert experts at this stage. The use of professional tools, patience, and accurate installation of the system by Hegsa smart home family members can not be described. I suggest you visit this site at the site of this project.

5) User training and after-sales service
Most of the employers of this company are the builders and in fact the users of the system are other people, that is, the buyers of housing. The most important thing about the constructive point is that if you use an advertising option like an intelligent system. It will not be troublesome for him at a later stage! The customer should not be an intruder to educate or troubleshoot problems. Therefore, the strategy of the company in delivering projects is such that the manufacturer introduces one to one unit buyers and Hegsa experts are obliged to deliver the system to the buyers. Learning how to use the device and testing and delivering accurate capabilities to the customer is a topic that always gives you more pleasure and more satisfaction than buying a smart unit and finally introducing our other friends and acquaintances. Hegsa’s smart home is never considered as a dearth of public methods of advertising such as media, billboards, and even exhibitions. The only factor in our growing sales market is customer satisfaction. It should be noted that the after-sales service of Hegsa is a boarding desk, and even during the holidays, the customer can contact the numbers that are available to him, if necessary, and leave the question or probability of the problem to the satisfaction of the experts.

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