Home engine

The smart control of the engine room, especially for villa houses where residents do not have a permanent presence, is very useful. Imagine you want to use your own villa for the weekend. With a Hegsa intelligent system it is no longer necessary to turn the engine room up during the week. Just turn the engine room a few hours earlier, through a landline or cell phone or Internet, until the moment you reach the villa, the conditions are favorable in the building. Also, by adding the necessary equipment to the engine room, energy can be optimized overnight. This feature even provides for ideal housing conditions for apartment buildings in such a way that, depending on the outside temperature change, the power of the engine room changes automatically. That is, if the outside air is cool, the engine room will be more intense and if it is warm, it will continue to operate less. This, in addition to saving the gas from the engine room, also increases the life span of the equipment.

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