When you enter the Hegsa smart home, you first put a special card on the card reader. The intelligent system opens the entrance door lock while turning off the alarm. When you enter any part of the home, the lights automatically turn on. The opening of the electric curtain and the cooler light up at the same moment as the door is in, at It is a warm greetings from the smart system. To relieve fatigue, you enter the bathroom to get a shower of warm water. The system will notice your presence and aroma through sprays, and at the same time your favorite music with Sounds soft, you are sitting on the sofa and want to turn on the TV, you can use a mobile phone or tablet instead of a remote control. Take control of the TV, home theater, digital receiver, etc. All without the need for a remote and only mobile phone. You can even turn on the audio and video system and play your favorite movie, photo or music. It also allows you to control all your home equipment, such as lights, cooler, gas valve, automatic garden irrigation and … all by your mobile or tablet anywhere in the world. When leaving your home, just touch the exit button on the monitor’s very simple and beautiful system, the system, based on your previous settings, turns off the lights and cooler, closing the curtains. Close the gas valve and turn on the alarm. And … all in the form of a modern glitch is automatically done by your smart home.

Brightness control

Automatic lighting

In the use of the Hegsa intelligent system, you can set the desired lamp in automatic mode. In this case, when you enter any space, the light will automatically turn on and it will turn off after it’s exited.

Lighting scenarios

Maybe you would like to be in silent early hours of the day, the hall lights and the master room, which have a good light. The service lights, the bedroom and the corridor are in automatic mode, and several other lights, such as the decorative lights, have a bright living space. To stay All of this is set by the monitor to happen at once. This scenario is called scenario. Now you can activate this scenario with the touch of a key or turn it on to the intelligent system every day. The clock is automatically changed.

Cook it

If you want to turn on a light at a certain hour from day to day, you can simply tune it with a touch monitor, all the lights in the system can be tune up. This feature is very attractive for the lights or building area.

Command distribution

The control of brightness, as well as other home appliances by a landline, remote, tablet or smartphone, is simply possible from inside or outside the house.

The Stolen Trick Scenario

When no lights are on, the lights will turn on and off based on the previous settings from the sunset. This is an intelligent action that the thief thinks you are at home.

Fire alarm

In the intelligent system, fire standards must be observed, you can simultaneously have a fire alarm system and a single fire alarm. In the event of a fire in the intelligent system, in addition to the alarm system and the telephone, the gas valve to prevent The fire progresses.

Gas leakage declaration

The gas leakage sensors in the gas leak, trigger the alarm, call you, and simultaneously cut off the gaseous gas Also, in the event of a gas leak, all the lights are turned off and the lights Turn off the lights and turn off the lights to reduce the risk of explosion.

Gas valve

In addition to the time of fire or gas leakage, you can also cut the gas by either a phone or a tablet inside or out of the house, this is very useful for when you have forgotten your gas at the time of your departure.

 Phone call

Intelligent home system will contact and prescribe verbally in the event of a security or security issue, as well as if the elderly or illness is at home only if urgent assistance is needed. Touch the corresponding key on the monitor. The smart system automatically calls and prompts the request.

Intelligent home control equipment

 Touch monitor

Intelligent smart touchscreens can easily control all equipment, including lighting, cooler, electric curtain, gas valve, automatic garden irrigation, control door, electric locks, etc., easily and in Persian.

Tablet or smartphone

By installing wifi as well as mobile software, controlling all the equipment of a smart home with multiple tablets or handsets simultaneously from anywhere in the world (without the need for the Internet). The most important feature of this software is that you can finally simply Create pages and keys with your favorite names. From the perspective of customers, this software is one of the most popular products of this company. Simple, beautiful, fast and lovely products!

Control phone

All smart home appliances can be controlled by the telephone line from inside and out. For example, you can turn off the cooler before you get to your home or disconnect the home faucet that you forget when you exit.

  Remote control .

The remote controller has 12 separate channels for controlling 12 consumers, each of the keys on the remote control can be customized from the user’s touch screen, for example, you can switch the key 1 to open the door unit to turn on the 2 key. Cooler and so on, 12 sets the keys independently and enjoy the simplicity of controlling a smart home.

Infrared and radio equipment

By installing these equipment instead of remote control of TVs, home theaters, digital receivers, electric curtains, etc. You can also take control of these devices by mobile or tablet. In simple language, your mobile in addition to turning off the equipment Like lights, it can also control remote control devices such as TV.

Sound control system

With this system you can transfer any movie, photo or music from your mobile to wireless, Movies and family photos are recorded on a hard drive by transferring data. You can now play your desired movie on a TV or home theater. Enjoying family-friendly memories by the TV is awesome. Control of this system and recording and playback. Files are all done by smart home software by a tablet or smartphone.

Access Control

Electronic locks and card

Two possible electrical locks and card readers can be installed on the main door of each unit of any type. By pulling the card on the card reader, the alarm shuts off when the alarm locks open. Opening the curtains, turning on the cooler, or any other The type of cooling or heating system, the activation of automatic lighting, and all the settings you have already done, can be done while dragging the card.

 Electric door, electric
shutter, electric curtain

Control of all kinds of electric doors, including double doors, railings, under roofs, shutters, as well as a variety of curtains such as sidewalk, top, zebra, etc., are possible by the system. These features are provided by mobile, tablet and landline phone Available from home and outdoors.

Lift recall

When you exit the unit by touching the corresponding key on the monitor, the intelligent system will notice its exit. The system automatically turns off the lights, turns off the alarm and interrupts the gas. Cooler and fan coil in low capacity mode. Kills the screen and performs all the previous settings at the same time. After leaving the unit, you will see that the lift is called and will wait for you in the same category.

Control of cooling and heating systems

Temperature monitoring

With an intelligent system, you can have the temperature of each part of the house on the corresponding touch screen. Every room, lounge, living room or any part of the building, such as pool water temperature, jacuzzi and outside temperature, are all available Intelligent systems are available that can be used to control cooling systems or heating. In case of full control of the engine room, the display of the temperature of each of its components can also be provided to you.

Fan coils

Fan coil control can also be carried out at various levels by the intelligent system. The overall control is turned on and off from the inside or out of the home or the precise control of the fast, moderate, and slow cycles is automatically possible. Energy savings in this case is very impressive. And the intelligent system can reduce the working capacity of fan coils for when you are not at home. One of the most loved controls of the smart system is that you can control the cooling or heating system by your mobile phone while you are at bedtime without getting up from your bed..

Water or gas coolers

Control of this equipment is very enjoyable with a touch screen, remote control, phone, mobile and tablet from home or outdoors. You can, for a few minutes before you get to your home, using one of the above methods to bring your house’s heating or cooling system Turn on to have air conditioning and cool at the moment of arrival.

Heating system

Control of heating installations such as: a package, heating, fan coils or floor heating can all be done by the intelligent system. With the more advanced heating equipment it needs to be controlled by the intelligent system, and the difference in the quality of control between the two traditional and smart modes is very tangible and completely touchable..

Facility control

Engine room

Purification and heating of the pool

By using the smart system, you can control the building engine room at any level. The lowest control level includes an intelligent output and is used to turn off and turn on the remote engineer. This feature is especially useful for villa projects. Imagine being on a winter day, just turn your engine room up a few hours before you go to a remote landline or mobile phone. At higher levels of control, you can control all pumps and the operation of the engine room equipment by the intelligent system.

With an intelligent system, you can fully control all pool equipment and no longer need ordinary electricity boards. Even issues such as chlorination with similar methods in water treatment can all be easily arranged and executed with Persian menus on the monitor.

Exhaust fan and ventilation equipment

The use of centrifuges or any kind of exhaust fan and fan in the pool or in the bathroom in large buildings can easily be controlled by the intelligent system while saving much energy, the life time of these devices has a tremendous impact on the use of timed, sensor-dependent monitoring, or any kind of industrial control circuit, by the intelligent system, easily and without limitation.

Automatic irrigation

One of the attractions of the intelligent automatic control system is the greening of the building. The control of electric valves, fountains, waterfalls, waterfalls and the like is all possible with this system. In apartment projects, it is better to have another device in the section Consider the conversations.

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