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Phone announced

Intelligent Touch Screen Monitor:

Touchscreen is one of the main features of the Hegsa intelligent system, because we believe in having just a few programmable keys, having a claim to a smart home is a bit out of the question. In today’s world, when cell phones all have touch screens, and even cars are equipped with a color display, when a building builder who receives much more money from a customer than a mobile phone or a car for selling more than one unit. , Decides to provide a smart home, obviously expects the intelligent system that it buys to be able to adjust and send the command through a completely Persian and simple touch screen. Even in a simple comparison, when we see today’s iPhone screens at a price much lower than a smart home system with very beautiful color monitors, we still find it necessary to have at least one touchscreen in a smart home. And, given the familiarity of customers with this type of device, its use can be simple and enjoyable. In the Hegsa intelligent system, there is no need to connect a laptop to the system, as well as to control the equipment of a home, but all of this is done simply by a touch monitor, which is actually a wall computer. One of the features of this monitor is that all of its software is presented as a package in the sense that there is no chance of erasing a software or an icon due to the error and it is not necessary for the use of beginners or children of this Worry about the system. There is nothing to ruin and you can use it even for the first time without any prior training. Just touch the monitor and hit the keys. You can read the page guide by entering each page before using it. How to use the device on each page is fully explained, and even if you make a mistake, nothing goes wrong and you can easily adjust it again. All features are designed as image icons, so it’s easy to use even for low-literate people. The monitor is really designed for a home-grown consumer without the need for specialty, while allowing people who are more capable with more advanced settings.

Number of monitors in one unit:

There is no limit to the use of more than one monitor per unit, and you can have a monitor for each home in your home that works with other monitors in the network. Through each monitor, in addition to controlling the surrounding equipment, there is access to the entire home equipment. For example, you can use any monitor to open the door, electric curtain, or control room for parking or garden irrigation, and adjust the temperature settings of each part of the house by the monitor you have in each room and … if a house is a villa Duplexes. From the bottom of the monitor, all of the above-mentioned equipment can be controlled, as the top floor monitors easily do it.

Touch Screen Features in Hegsa Smart Home System:

1) Have a long lifespan and are designed for long-term use and do not lose their quality over time.

2) It is more resistant to impact than a tablet or mobile phone and is later damaged.

3) Full-color and full-touch (unlocked) and its use is very simple with regard to the type of graphics designed.

4) All texts are created in simple Persian language.

5) In all pages, this Persian guide is fully provided and there is no need for a manual.

6) Simply and quickly you can turn it off or on. Explain that if you turn off the monitor with the corresponding key, then touch the monitor once without the time and immediately the monitor turns on.

7) By installing the monitor on the corresponding frame, which is embedded in the wall during the implementation of the wiring, the monitors are practically flat and at most 1 cm from the wall surface (completely flat on the wall).

8) Through each monitor, access to all home appliances is possible.

Smart Remote Control:

Another method of sending a command in an intelligent system is the use of a remote control. The most important application of remote control is the control of lighting scenarios (explanations of the lighting scenario are given in the relevant section). In the sense that you can change the home lighting key by pressing the key. For example, if a scenario is set for the automatic mode of the lights, you can turn off the key on the remote control by turning all your home lights one-by-one automatically.

Remote control features:

1) It has 12 keys for 12 different commands.

2) Radio is used and can cover all space of a residential unit.

3) The function of each key is determined by the user himself and on the touch screen. For example, if you set the number 1 switch to open the door, if necessary, you can change it and adjust the settings in such a way that instead of opening the door lock, for example, illuminates the halogen lamp. This way, you can control any consumer you need on a remote control.

Phone control:

In the smart system, you can control all the equipment with a fixed telephone. The way this is done is to assign a number to the touch screen for each consumer or lighting scenario. Then dial 1 * on the landline phone to enter the phone control system. Now you can turn it on by entering the desired consumer number and the * key, or turn it off after entering the number and switching the # key. The telephone control system is completely speaker and guides you to other phone features such as logging out of the status of the consumer or listening to the phone messages. In fact, just enter the code 1 * to log in. Other steps are simply taught to you by the system itself. The pleasure of using the Hegsa intelligent system is to simplify its use so that anyone with any level of education can easily benefit from them.

Phone command from out of the home:

All controls that are provided by the landline phone from home can also be made by calling from the outside of the home, so that if you do not come to your home when you contact your fixed home number, the smartphone will answer the phone. And you can log in after you enter the password and issue the required commands. The application of this system is very pleasing to the heating and cooling equipment, and it plays a very important role in saving energy. For example, if you travel for several days, you can turn off the heating system when you exit, and when you decide to go back, you can simply call your home number and turn on the heating system so that when you return to your home Enjoy its pleasant temperature. Or in the summertime, before turning home, turn on your cooler or any other device you need, there is no control limit. The smart system allows you to control your home from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day or night. Simply garden your garden during your travels. Open the door for a party that has reached your home before you open or close the curtains of the house to sunshine to the pot. The lady who needs to move from work before she can turn on her electric rice cooker, or when she doubts whether or not she will be closed at the time of leaving her home? By using this system, you simply solve all these problems and feel more comfortable with this intellectual security. After using this system, you will confirm that Hegsa’s smart home is no longer just your home, but an intimate family member who is always at the moment ready to serve at home. Today you can introduce this new and loving member to other family members.

 Android smartphone tablet and smartphone

Female hand holding black mobile smart phone with smart home application on the screen. Blurred house on the background. For access to all of the controls of your house and caring of home security.

In addition to a large number of hardware, the key to the Hegsa smart home software system is provided by the company itself. One of these applications is the smart home control program by a tablet or smartphone delivered as an application to the client. By installing this software and its exclusive keygen on the tablet, the ability to control all of the equipment as it is possible through the touch screen is also possible through the tablet. The pleasure is that when you need to turn on the cooler or you want to open the curtain or open the door to your guest, you can easily do all this with your tablet or mobile phone. Indescribable. Imagine a sunset at sunset on the day off on a sofa on the sofa and you decide to turn on the lights on the TV lounge. Take your mobile, pick the software icon and now control everything. You turn on the lights, but your attention is drawn to the openness of the electric curtain and the fact that the house has been found out. By closing the curtain by the mobile, and because the air is a little cooled, you also turn off the cooler, or on the same day as you are standing in front of the window, you feel a good time to irrigate the gardens. You still have your own mobile phone, and you can do the same with the key, and you can also turn on the fountain or water inside the garden to add to your freshness. You’ll be tempted to go to the yard and enjoy some time with flowers and grasses. After returning home, you can still turn off everything with your tablet or mobile phone, even you acknowledge that living in a home A dream come true with the intelligent house of Hesse, another color and glaze, so that by eliminating these capabilities, the house becomes a normal home. Let’s go to this dream house again. You come back from the gardens of the flower garden and put a glass of juice on your thirst and sit on a sofa next to the window. Turn on the lights in the yard by the mobile. Turn on your home theater system and choose your favorite music, and enjoy the sound of the bands while eating juice from the space. Note that all of these controls are handled by the mobile phone, including home theater control and TV. For example, if your favorite movie playback time is over, turn off the home theater by the same mobile or tablet. Turn on the TV and select the desired channel. Truly shutting down the lights on the yard. There’s nothing to be done, just put it on the map!

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