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Announcement of theft

The Hegsa’s robbery system has two models of high-potential robbery, theft outside the house and home alone, which can be activated and disabled by the client as needed. The out-of-home model is designed for non-home attendance. This alarm is extremely high, so that the consumer can activate it for any part of the home according to his needs. In fact, it is up to you to determine which part of the home the alarm is active and to change it or to activate the alarm in the whole house you do not need to change the hardware, but by the very advanced software but easy to do it simply by the user face Take.

But what is the rating of this kind of robbery reporting system in relation to the traditional market systems? The user may have a pet in a part of his home or if he has a guest at his home, he or she will not be active if he is not present at his home, or for any other reason needs active Alarm does not exist at home, so it’s easy to activate the alarm only in the required areas. For example, in the guest suite described above, you can exit the house and activate the alarm at all your home while the guest is in the suite and the alert is disabled.

Alert Response:

If unauthorized entry occurs at your time of absence, Hegsa’s intelligent system will immediately respond to your pre-set reactions. In other words, you can simply activate or deactivate any of these reactions through the touch-screen software. We will examine this reaction:

1) Risk Siren:

Upon the arrival of the burglar, the alarm will sound at home and will not be muted during the time it is at home. After the burglar fades, it stops alarms for the length of time set by the user and then goes off. If the robber returns, the operation will be repeated again.

2) Caller (telephone call):

The intelligent system, when calling the alarm siren, automatically dials calls with predefined numbers. These numbers are set by the user themselves and can vary up to 9 numbers that the system contacts one by one and orally broadcasts their message.

3) Flasher:

The processing of all features is done in an integrated and integrated Hegsa system. For example, lighting control is done by the same system that controls the notification of theft. So there are several side features available to the user. One of these features is the possibility of flashing lights at the time of the theft. That is, once the burglar enters the house, all the single lights begin to turn on and off continuously (blinking) and try to escape the burglar by attracting the attention of neighbors.

How to use the theft notification system:

Once the settings are made once, it’s enough to exit and exit the exit on the touch screen. The Hegsa intelligent system, ultimately, completes the auto-exit scenario automatically and, based on the settings that you have already made in this way, first locks the touch screen and starts counting down. You have the time to leave home after removing the necessary personal belongings. Then turn off all the lights. The intensity of the fan coil or any other cooling and heating system is reduced to reduce energy consumption. Electric curtains are closed. The switch will cut the gas and put the alarm in active mode. No matter if you do not have a presence, the Hessian system will irrigate the gardens according to the previous settings, and the head of the predetermined clock will illuminate the number of incendiary lamps, facades, or enclosures at the given time. When you are not at home, the Hegsa system will wait for your commands remotely by phone or tablet, and will execute them as soon as the command is sent by you. You can activate the home’s heating or cooling system for half an hour before you reach your home, so that when you reach your home, the temperature is pleasant and pleasant … And so you see that with the Hegsa intelligent system, you are leaving How simple and quick is the home. And as soon as the alarm system (alert) is activated automatically. But when returning home, it’s enough to put your smart card on a smartphone that’s out-of-home. The alarm will be deactivated immediately and the back home scenario will be automatically triggered by the system. The highly advanced control of your home, simply done by the Hessian system. Enjoy the technology of the day.

Gas Leak Statement:

Another safety feature of the Hegsa intelligent system is the ability to detect the gas leakage at home. Locating high-quality gas leak detectors in every part of the home where there is a gas split, such as a kitchen, kitchen or space overlooking the fireplace, ensures that in the event of leakage, the Hessian intelligent system is immediately informed And take the necessary action automatically. Including a shut-off valve for gas in the residential unit at the main entrance of the gas (after manual cutting) on ​​the gas pipeline. This reaction prevents gas leakage and prevents potential explosion. At the same time as the shutting down of the shura gas, the alarm siren also sounds and attracts the attention of the residents and neighbors. Like other safety or security issues, the intelligent system has been providing oral notification by telephone with pre-determined numbers and Ask for help. One of the unique and unique reactions of the Hegsa intelligent system during the onset of gas leakage is to turn off the lights. That is, every light that is lit is kept clear and any light that is off is also kept silent, so that there is no explosion due to the clamping and sparking. This mode will continue until the owner changes the normal state to the system. Just go to the monitor to display the normal status of the smart system and press the Reset key to re-establish the automatic brightness setting.

fire alarm :

In the case of a fire alarm system, it is important to note one point: the type of sensors and the method of cabling, as well as their placement in a project, must necessarily be in accordance with the fire standards of the country. Therefore, the company has paid attention to the above issues and there are no weak points in this system. One feature of Hegsa firewall is the ability to connect sensors to the unit’s intelligent panel and the central fire alarm panel. In other words, in the event of fire in a unit of the apartment, in addition to the central fire alarm panel, the intelligent system inside the unit also performs its tasks well. The closing of the gas valve located at the main entrance of each unit, the sounding of the alarm system, the intelligent system, the notification of the subject by telephone to preset numbers and reporting the incident on the touch screens inside the unit, including these reactions.

Gas valve:

As mentioned in the fire warning and gas leak, one of the safety requirements in the Hegsa system is the use of gas valves. A gas shaft that is installed on a gas pipe in each unit, after the main hand washed on the gas pipe, should have several important features:

1) Normaly Open: Once the gutter has been manually opened by the occupants, it stays in this position and does not require electricity to stay open. Therefore, due to power failure, your unit will not be cut off.

2) Manual Reset: You need to be in position to open the valve and open it mechanically with your hand. This feature is designed to prevent the user from opening the door in order to prevent potential hazards if he or she does not have it at home. (It should be noted that you can use all the home equipment remotely by phone or Control the tablet)

3) Explosiou Proof: This valve acts as a solenoid mechanism that lies outside the gas path and also operates with a faulty current at a voltage of 12 volts so it is very robust and reliable in terms of safety.


M&H is proud to have saved many families from burnout, gas explosion and theft of their home appliances within a decade of their activities, which is why they never produced and will not have intelligent systems without security and safety equipment. . No human is more profitable than his own life and his family, and it is worth noting that all possible creators may be more interested in creating safety and security in their projects and placing them at the top of the list. Good customer’s prayer is always committed to a manufacturer’s way. We hope that this precious gift will benefit everyone, including your servants in the company.


Many incidents can be prevented if they are known at the outset. So one of the features that Hegsa’s smart system cares about is oral communication by phone. For any safety and security issue, such as fire, gas leakage, theft, etc., the smart system will automatically call and inform the preset numbers. For example, if a fire fires in your home, at the very first moments, the intelligent system is aware of it, and if you are not at home, it immediately informs you. Usually in most fires, starting a fire is very slow and over time, and if you return home quickly, it’s definitely manageable.

Long after offering this feature with the offer of one of our customers, we developed the feature of the phone and included it with the customer’s custom issues. For example, one of the customers kept his nursing home with heart disease in his home and was constantly worried about how he could be informed if he had not had a home at home if he had a problem with his father! The M&H designers solved this problem by installing a key on the smart-monitor monitor. Now, in the event of any need for help from the patriarch, it was just enough to press that key. The system automatically contacted certain numbers and asked for help.

Send messages to smartphones via SIM card:

Calling may not be possible due to telecommunication traffic, so another feature was added to the smartphone that can send SMS requests and SMS messages through a SIM card at the same time as phone calls. If your smartphone has remote control software, these messages will also be displayed on the screen in the corresponding screen on your phone. These messages can include the key to security and safety issues. Therefore, in response to the suspicion that if the house is stolen by a professional burglar and your home phone is disconnected from it, how can the system know you? “The intelligent system can also do this without the need for a land line phone, which can be installed on the device via a SIM card.

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