Smart MDT keys

Over twenty years of experience in the development and manufacture of electronic equipment guarantees the quality of MDT products. The products of this company are ISO 9001 standard. The fully automated production lines for the production of switch operators, curtain operators, heating operators, digital inputs, push buttons and other KNX equipment provide this reliability for MDT to provide all products with unlimited 3-year warranty.

MDT Company is a manufacturer of smart home products in Germany. The smart MDT keys are stacked in two simple, glass-colored white and black colors. Simple keys are produced in the 2, 4, 6, and 8 models of the bridge, and the glass keys are produced in both the 4 and 8-pole models that work with the KNX protocol.

Each bridge of the MDT key operates in two separate short-to-long positions. For example, pressing a key briefly can close or open the curtain and hold the same key at the desired time, closing or opening a certain amount of the curtain. Similarly, the lights can be switched on and off at the same time Decrease or increase the intensity of each light with one key.


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