the origin of using the smart home system

the origin of using the smart home system

the origin of using the smart home system

Nowadays, since years of human access to industrial automation techniques, and even over three decades of the earliest forms of automation in the building, the correct definitions of intelligence have not yet been provided. Or that it has been devoted exclusively to the subject from a specialized point of view and to the development of this culture among the general public, and especially building builders. Therefore, the company plans to provide its achievements in a general and understandable language for non-specialists, along with their specialized activities in the design and innovation of systems, and the development and enhancement of technical knowledge in the field of building intelligence, and in raising and richer Building a culture of building safety, security and welfare building will take a step, though small. In addition to builders and investors in the construction industry, one of the most diverse audience groups in the company is the electrical project executives that have benefited from their operational views and perspectives over the past few years. Students who are interested in research in this field have continuously collaborated with us on constructive engagement, and we are pleased to invite all audiences to assist us in providing the best possible content and to convey our support. It is worth mentioning that if you provide documentary research that can be used by others, your articles as your company’s friends and with your own name will be published on the site. In the following articles after addressing the origin of automation in the building and its causes and objectives, We will look at the general view of intelligence, BMS, Home Automation, or Smart Home, and we’ll look at their breakdowns technically. Then, look at the practical capabilities available in the projects, explaining how to do the work and the practical method of creating an appropriate context in the building phase of the building for the installation of intelligent equipments, and the experiences we have gained in dozens of projects in the past years, as per the feasibility We will state the position. It is hoped that you will be honored by your reader.

The origin of automation in the buildingWhy should a building have superior technology such as automation, and what does it mean by building automation? This is exactly what we are going to do in this section. Automation in a simpler language means automatically responding to some events. And with this definition, even a system for announcing the theft or the announcement of fire and … each one alone is a kind of automation. That is, when it is formed in a fire building, it is possible to know and respond to it by using special equipment. The main reason why some people do not appreciate the first deal is the lack of full recognition of the nature of this technique. This category assumes that building automation means controlling all the equipment, that is, laziness! For example, one of my friends, in the first deal with this issue, commented in a tune: How can I use a remote control to turn on the cooler, lights, or open the door, or even close the gas valve? Whenever necessary, it will rise from its place and open the door, or do whatever I need to do myself. I do not need smart or automation system! Precisely this is the problem! Scientists in this field will never consider these issues as automation goals, and these are not the main causes of this technology. At first, equipping the building with the processors required to meet the safety and security objectives and optimizing energy consumption is considered as the basic goal of automation, and then providing control services to the equipment, and the ability to function as low-cost options that are easily Are cumulative and can play a role in creating a better sense of life in more prosperity. Many people have suffered physical, financial, and financial damage due to electrical connections or earthquake accidents, which has a major impact on the reduction of these injuries. In fact, the origin of automation in the building is to prevent the damage that human beings have been unable to cope with for centuries due to problems such as mental retardation, lack of opportunity or human error. Every year, many homes in our fellow or ourselves have been subject to theft or prey.

Have you ever encountered the fact that one of the apartment’s neighbors was not at home, and in his house a pipe leakage and a water leak had damaged his house and his neighbors, and since the neighbor had been traveling, there was no way to Do not stop this incident ?!

Or at the lower level, gardens that are eroded in buildings only because of the lack of irrigation, the additional lights and lamps that are always clear due to the lack of human attention, the cooling and warming systems that are being permanently lost due to incorrect processing Energy-efficient resources are sources, and hundreds of others are all subjects that encourage us to have a smart home. Have you ever come up to yourself, for example, after leaving home to doubt if you turned off the stove or not ?!

Now imagine that if it was smart, it would automatically cut off water and gas at the time the landlord left, or the landlord would have been able to use the phone from the same city as the traveler to easily flush his main water Close up Are not these positive and convincing perspectives for the automation of a home? What do you think is the most valuable thing in a building?

Is there something worth more than a resident of a house? Parents who have lost their beloved children because of gas leakage, families who have been irreplaceable for financial, mental and financial losses due to lack of equipping their buildings, will surely confirm this. Is not it time to think about changing the technical culture of our homes and to accept that a house should have something more than a door and a wall and a window in order to protect the safety and health of families? Interestingly, the cost of these preventive measures over the entire building is a very small deduction and can easily be ignored in cost statistics!

Why do not we think about improving the technology of a home nowadays, as the day after day, cars with better technologies enter the market and still do not satisfy the consumer ?! Perhaps there are some who say that these superior technologies even in the automotive industry are particularly expensive for expensive cars, but with a logical look we find that in the building industry, even in expensive buildings, there is still nothing other than the traditional look of architecture. The use of the finest materials, designs and colors, and even new doors and windows, etc., still fills in the wrong place of intelligence.

Yes, it’s time to inject an intact body of stone and wood and cement houses into the body and make artificial intelligent neural networks with intelligent networks, which, according to one of my joke friends, should bring our homes with Be aware (!) That we will help us in having a better life and gaining peace and security.

It is not a bad thing to look at the issue from another perspective. Critics who see automation as nothing more than luxuriously look at the home, make their own efforts to make the project lucrative. It is precisely because of the fact that in the design of fireplaces, various coatings for walls, ceilings and floors, the choice of stones and expensive tiles, luxurious and royal doors, etc. It is logical to spend, to pay for automation, even if it comes from luxury and fantasy aspect Look, it’s completely logical. We all have the pleasure of having more beautiful homes and enjoying the use of art and beauty at home as an environment in which a family spends the most time in it, we can feel better.

The house, which is the first time the sun shines in the morning, automatically removes the curtains from the window, is a living house that wakes up at night as the day arrives and opens its eyes to a sky of hope and splendor. Says to your residents that you will rise and enjoy the birth of another beautiful day. The house, which, when you leave, rushes away from your home like a kindly curtain, saying: turning off the lights and cooler, closing the milk and water, and stealing clear and … with me. You go and go to the card. Nice fancy! A house that looks closely at it, if it is not part of it, turns off the extra lamp itself and, in the absence of residents at home, reduces the intensity of the operation of the cooling and heating systems so that energy is not wasted, as if in Expenditures are family partners. A house that even takes care of your home at the time of your life and your children’s health and safety so that you can not get a fire coming to the door of this house, or you enter the safe environment of your family, not just a house, but a part of the family.

What is bms?

The BMS, which stands for the Building Management System, is a system that can control and manage the needs of a building. The equivalent phrase in the Persian language is BMS in a comprehensive building management system. A striking point is the word “Building”, which indicates that the system coverage is related to the whole building. For example, in a tower with multiple floors and large areas, it may be necessary to include items such as engine room operating conditions, exhausts, building lighting, main door locks, power stays on or off, fire status or gas leakage. … to control continuously. This is what BMS can do for you. In fact, any device or any parameter that needs to be controlled and monitored should be connected to the BMS. In this case, through the monitor or monitor, we can inform the existing situation, if necessary, issue the required commands and turn off, turn on or control the equipment you desire.

(The monitors that are used by this company for this purpose are designed in a touch-friendly manner and give the user the ability to send the command directly.)

Technical note (protocol)Due to the large area of ​​the building under discussion, it is not possible to directly connect all sensors to a single device, and in practice this will result in an unreasonable increase in the length of the cable and the consumable cable, as well as possible systemic impairments. The method used today to solve this problem in the design of the BMS is to create a communication network between the classes and the various devices in it. The overall space of the building is divided into smaller spaces. The small spaces of the building are controlled by an independent system. For example, an appliance may be designed for each building floor, and all sensors and consumers should be connected to the same floor unit, and this should be done for each floor independently. In the end, it is enough for the devices of different classes to be placed in a common grid by their proper substrate. So if we need a first-class device, it’s not necessary to connect the roof sensors to the first floor, because of the openness or closure of the roof exit door on the tenth floor, but just enough, the sensors are connected to the tenth device and the first and tenth floor appliances They are also connected to each other by a suitable network.

This is where the talk is about the protocol and usually when they want to get information about an BMS system, they are asking what the protocol of your system is. The question is, in fact, the language of the devices. Today, there are many ways to communicate between two or more devices in the world, which in the term is referred to as “protocols” to each of them.

Modbus protocols (RS485, RS232), Canbus, Ethernet are the general protocols used by this company to communicate with various system components.

Smart home and its difference with BMS

The smart home, known today as Home Automation, House Intelligent, Smart Home, and so on, does not have much in common with the BMS, and perhaps a small BMS can be said, and the only remarkable thing in that is the network’s downsizing Or delete it. For example, if the smart home is about 150 square meters, because of its small size, it’s just a system for controlling the entire space, and all sensors and consumers can directly connect to the same system. You see, there is no need to create a network between several devices in this project. So, we can say a little bit that Smart Home is a small BMS.

A very important feature (communication between system components)An important point in using a comprehensive intelligent system is to establish a link between the systematic components of a project. For example: If a gas leak occurs in a home, the system will detect its gas leakage and cut off the alarm, or at most, cut off the gas valve to prevent gas leakage. If the owner of this house is outside it and is not aware of a gas leak when he returns home, and on the other hand has installed another system, such as automatic lighting, at his home (a system that lights the lights by automatically observing the person). Could something happen? Note that the gas has leaked and the gas leak system has both alarm and …… (without communication with other systems), and on the other hand, automatic lighting is waiting for the lights to light up when the person enters. If there is a high volume of leakage gas, the probability of explosion is very high.The feature of the BMS system is that there is a logical connection between system components such as the gas leaks and automatic lighting system, for example, preventing automatic ignition of lights in the event of gas leakage. In one BMS, you can establish all necessary logic relationships. For example, the exits of a building in the event of a fire will open automatically for the residents to escape, and vice versa, if they are automatically stolen, to close the burglar. Therefore, in this example, there is a connection between the fire alarm system, the theft notification and the traffic control. In fact, this is the most important feature of the BMS. A feature that has arisen because of its arithmetic and programming capabilities and its configuration, suggests that there is no theoretical limit to the connection of different systems and equipment to the BMS and the definition of the type of coordination between them

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