Zennio Intelligent Products

Spain’s Zennio Corporation is one of the most prominent companies in the field of smart home systems. The company manufactures smart home systems with the highest quality of the day. The products of this company guarantee the highest level of comfort and safety with a competitive price, using the modern technology of the KNX standardized electrical systems. The products of this company are widely accepted around the world and sold in more than 70 countries, while the company has gained more than 75% of its turnover through exports.

Zennio – Z41  

A 4.1-inch touchscreen with a wrist screen that provides the most advanced smart home control features.

  – Has 4 distinct pages
    – USB port and ETHERNET
    – Control 6 different operators
    – Internal thermostat
    – Backup battery and internal clock
    – Variety of colors (black, white, silver)

The modern touch-sensitive thermostat Zennio ZAS

A smart touch controller with the ability to program all electrical equipment of a smart home, remote control, digital

thermostat and home temperature sensor

– Has 4 distinct pages
– USB port and ETHERNET
– Remote Control Connectivity
– Internal thermostat and temperature sensor
– Variety of colors (black, white, silver)

Video Introducing Zennio Products

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